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3 transformation levers

STEPS develops your climate performance
using 3 transformation levers
to reconcile energy transition and business.

Managing your carbon footprint

Measuring and tracking the direct and indirect greenhouse gas emissions of your company's activities is essential to better understand your impact, to report effectively and to set relevant targets.

The STEPS team is certified to support you on these measures and the creation of calculation tools and reporting tailored to your core business : Greenhouse Gas Report, Calculation of the carbon footprint of a project at bidding stage or during operations, a contract or a call for tenders. We pay particular attention to the "Scope 3" (indirect emissions) of your activities, a major lever for progress which involves your suppliers and your customers.

Last but not least, we will guide you towards the subsidies and financial aid for which you are potentially eligible so that the budget is not an obstacle to this transformation process.


Typical mission

Carbon footprint calculation​ - BtoB services company (international)

Design and implementation of an operational carbon footprint calculation tool in line with international standards for project managers and teams responding to calls for tenders.

Making sure your teams understand what climate change means

It takes everyone in an organisation to make it climate efficient. And effective mobilization around a challenge requires understanding it. However, If global warming is on everyone's lips, few people are familiar with the basic mechanisms.

STEPS consultants rely on their market expertise, and the work of the Climate Fresk and the Shift Project so that your teams understand what climate change means for their company. This is the first step in getting them involved in responding to this challenge.


Typical mission

Awareness program for sales teams​ - ENR operator

To develop the commercial efficiency of the teams, creation of an awareness program on the climate challenge, in the context of their missions.

Adaptating your business model and response to the market

Ensuring that you improve your environmental impact while meeting the needs of your customers, being consistent in your choice of suppliers and partners, anticipating the requirements of your shareholders and regulatory changes. This is STEPS purpose, which specialises in making the performance of your company truly sustainable. 

Typical missions

Customer response methodology - O&G multitechnical maintenance company

Creation of a "Climate performance Toolbox" for calls for tenders: customer strategy analysis, integration into the company's tendering process, POC.

Communication to shareholders​ - Technical services company

Alignment of the climate strategy with international protocols, and the group communication.

Energy Transition Strategies Benchmarking - Offshore oil and renewable energy contractor

Comparative analysis of the climate positioning and performance of 5 international EPCI stakeholders in the offshore energy industry.

Supply chain impact​ - Oil operator

Analysis of the CO2 impact of suppliers on the carbon footprint of a project. Contribution to the alignment plan and incentive scheme for the low carbon roadmap.​

STEPS also supports you dealing with the relevant environmental standards.

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